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Virgil Abloh Introduces a New Generation to Historic Furniture Design

Streetwear legend Virgil Abloh is once again breaking barriers in his trademark thought-provoking way—only this time, he’s shifting his focus to designer home products.

Abloh partnered with Swiss design company Vitra on a limited-edition U.S.-exclusive collection of three minimally designed pieces of furniture.

Two of the pieces are inspired by Jean Prouvé, a French engineer and builder known for his work with prefabricated metal construction. For the collection, Abloh reimagined the designer’s Petite Potence lamp—a piece Prouvé created in 1942—and the Antony armchair, a piece defined by curved shell and metal base. Abloh updated the chair with a frosted plexiglass shell.

The collection is limited to just 150 lamps and armchairs each. Each one is numbered. The lamp retails for $1,789 and the armchair for $2,789.

The “hacked” Prouvé pieces represent the power of design to evolve in order to speak to a new generation. “My mission has not changed,” Abloh stated in a press release. “My hopes for this collaboration are to further strengthen this bond with the new generation, providing them with further inspiration, as well as room for thought and a sense of inclusion. This collaboration invites the new generation into the conversation—my work is meant to open doors for them.”

The final piece in the collection is a baby blue ceramic block that serves as both a structural element and a storage object. Just 999 blocks are available. They retail for $179 each.

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The Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra: U.S. Edition was dropped in true hypebeast fashion. The collection is available Dec. 3-7 only through the online marketplace Basic.Space and via a popup installation in Miami’s Design District.

The online marketplace will continuously livestream the collection and a special DJ music performance by artist Pedro Cavaliere throughout the duration of the popup. It will also air a conversation between Abloh and Vitra CEO Nora Fehlbaum about democratizing design.

“What I find particularly inspiring about Virgil Abloh is that he comes to the table as an outsider, with a fresh look at our collection and a different pace, free of constraints,” Fehlbaum said. “I’m interested in the way that he structures knowledge and passes it on to a new generation in such a condensed manner. He manages to shift the topic of design classics away from the discourse of an intellectual elite to make them accessible to a wider public.”

Abloh’s latest collection is not his first venture into the home goods space. With a background in architecture and an eye for design of all kinds, Abloh has previously launched coveted home products with budget-friendly furniture giant Ikea, including doormats, stools and doorstoppers, chairs and more.