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Visual Storytellers: Ebru Ozaydin

In the final edition of a four-part series, Rivet spoke with Ebru Ozaydin of @LadyMacbethista, Artistic Milliner’s director of sales, about her favorite Instagram accounts to follow and the other unlikely places she finds denim inspiration.

“I’ve been following many Instagram accounts; not only for denim but also inspiration, from art to music, from fashion brands to beauty ones,” said Ozaydin. “[For me] the main inspiration always comes from the street. It is the most organic and real channel. And any form of art plays a vital role; from street art to museum exhibitions, documentaries to film festivals. Anything that touches our lives in different ways.”

Here’s a look at some of Ozaydin’s favorite accounts to follow.

@Malindenim One of the most unique insta accounts of the denim world. Malin is a great denim head, I love the way how she shows up denim in her posts, she talks “product.”

@Heddels_fades Again all about product, beautiful fades; a true inspiration for washing.

@Denimdudes Amy Leverton feels the pulse of denim habitat, she visits all denim events around the world, always updated, always something new and fun. She is my daily dose.