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Visual Storytellers: Katy Rutherford

Rivet spoke with Katy Rutherford of @KatyKatazome , co-founder of clothing brand Story mfg, about her favorite Instagram accounts to follow and the other unlikely places she finds denim inspiration.

“These accounts have a unique take on craft, and a lovely energy and sense of fun. They make me feel like I can jump out of bed in the morning and achieve anything I want to. That’s what inspiration is to me, something that makes me excited and gives me a creative energy buzz, like caffeine,”said Rutherford.

“For my brand Story Mfg. [@storymfg] inspiration mostly comes from outside of social media,” she added. “Travel is what fuels us creatively—exploring new counties and cities, trying new foods, meeting locals and craftspeople, learning about traditional materials and dyes. All these things inform the design decisions we make each season.”

Here’s a look at some of Rutherford’s favorite accounts.