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Visual Storytellers: Ruedi Karrer

In the second of a four-part series, Rivet spoke with Ruedi Karrer of Swiss Jeans Freak, founder of the Jeans Museum which houses upwards of 14,000 pairs of the wardrobe staple, about his favorite Instagram accounts to follow and the other unlikely places he finds denim inspiration.

“Besides Instagram or Superfuture, Facebook and other social media, I get a lot of denim evolution inspiration from people wearing raw denim on the streets, on eBay, second hand stores, flea markets, dump areas and sometimes people who are donating old worn-out jeans to the museum,” Karrer said. “And I also love to see the ongoing denim evolution process on my own raw denim gear. I started collecting worn-out raw denim in 1973 as a 14-year-old boy, when two Levi’s pants arrived to our poor family in a cloth donation parcel. Now over 14,000 jeans and denim jackets are in the little Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings,which is open on request in Zurich.”

Take a look at some of Karrer’s favorite accounts to follow.