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Volcom Launches Jeans Collection That Promises to Save 40 Percent More Water

There’s been a domino effect in the denim industry, with one brand after another focusing on less water waste and better chemical management techniques.

Volcom, the men’s, women’s and children’s brand known for its skater influences, is the latest to adopt sustainable production methods with the launch of its new collection “Water Aware.”

Using a water-saving wash and finishing process, the brand saves an average of 13 liters of water for each pair of jeans. At this rate, it’s projected to conserve 40 percent more water (that’s 4 million liters) by the end of 2019.

The brand borrowed conservation techniques initiated by Levi’s “Open Source: Water Innovation Guide,” proving that when major denim brands adopt eco-friendly production methods, others follow—and that collaboration can generate change.

“In some washes, we’re seeing up to 35 liters of water saved. Our medium blue and blue swift colorways are examples of washes where we’ve been able to significantly save water in the production process,” said J.J. Gonzales, Volcom global design director. “It’s pretty epic and we’re excited to build upon our successes and create an even greater impact over time.”

Like Levi’s, Volcom adopted laser technology, which can eliminate thousands of chemical formulations from the finishing process. It’s also eliminating the use of pumice stones in the wash process, resulting in cleaner waste and less water and energy usage—a technique Neuw Denim recently began using in its Zero collection. The latest updates are documented in a video campaign published on Volcom’s YouTube channel.

These sustainable methods are just one part of the brand’s Eco-True initiatives, which include a Fair Labor Association accreditation and the introduction of more sustainable materials.

The Water Aware line is part of its Fall ’19 collection and includes men’s, women’s and children’s jeans in slim, modern, skinny, regular and leggings fits.

Volcom has more than 100 retail outposts and distributes to hundreds of specialty retail and department stores around the world.