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Jeans Brands Are Launching Antiviral Denim Proven to Kill Covid-19

It isn’t enough for jeans to be comfortable and stylish. The pandemic is introducing new realities, one being the relevance of fashion with protective properties.

Denim brands DL1961 and Warp + Weft are stepping into the space with fall collections that use antimicrobial technology. The sister brands announced a partnership with Swiss performance textile company HeiQ, which recently developed HeiQ Viroblock, one of the world’s first antiviral technologies proven to reduce COVID-19 transmission through clothing.

Beginning Oct. 1, all new collections by DL1961 and Warp + Weft will have this technology.

“Our mission as a premium denim brand is to make products in a way that is good for the planet and the people on it,” said Sarah Ahmed, Warp + Weft founder. “As safety is at the forefront of our consumers’ concerns, we want to be there to help. Our jeans are designed to make you look good, and feel good about wearing them.”

The technology is applied in liquid form to denim during the laundering process to provide a sanitizing and germ-resistant surface. It includes a silver component that attracts virus molecules and kills them on contact. HeiQ Viroblock stays active on treated garments for up to 30 domestic washes.

Antimicrobial technology is increasingly gaining importance, particularly in the denim category as jeans are a part of an everyday modern uniform and tend to be garments that consumers refrain from washing frequently.

In June, Diesel debuted a unisex capsule collection of tees and jeans featuring antimicrobial and antibacterial properties with a droplet barrier.

And more protective technology is in the pipeline. Denim mill Calik Denim is incorporating antimicrobial fabrics with “self-cleaning technology” into its Fall/Winter 2021 collections. Fabric developer PG Denim and chemical specialist Rudolf Group are also partnering on a fabric collection that will offer consumers protection from infectious bacteria.