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This Week in Weird Denim

Nothing says trendy like denim, but some of the latest “trendy” styles from Asos and Net-a-Porter have shoppers doing a double-take.

Denim is no stranger to eye-widening trends, like Asos’ super stacked jeans that took over Twitter feeds late last year. Now, Twitter feeds are being flooded with odd, wacky denim styles like over-sized sleeves that reach the ground and “butt crack” jeans.

Net-a-Porter sells a denim jacket by the Y/Project for 450 pounds ($586), that has fashion bloggers taking to social media. Net-a-Porter writes on its website about the jacket: “Y/Project’s denim jacket is designed with dramatic long sleeves – the brand’s exaggerated silhouettes are favored by style influencers like Chloë Sevigny and Gigi Hadid. Wear yours with the arms pushed up, letting the cuffs of a crisp white shirt peek through.”
One blogger hit Twitter to discuss the jacket.

Meanwhile, Asos seemed to take note of the “less is more” saying, offering up two styles sparking Twitter conversations. The brand’s Asos High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans with Open Back in Ashes Washed Black with Belt, sells for $60 and features cutouts in the shape of one’s bottom, right above the tailbone, giving plumbers a run for their money.

The brand also gained attention for its slightly less intense, Asos Ridley High Waist Skinny with Suspender Detail in Black, which sells for $60. The jeans feature upper-thigh cutouts with suspenders holding the legs to the shorts portion of the jean.

Only time will tell which wacky styles brands will come up with next.