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Weekday Debuts First Jeans Made with Regenerated Textile Fiber Infinna

It’s not uncommon for fashion brands to build buzz by launching limited-edition collections. Releasing short runs of first-of-its-kind sustainable jeans, however, offers a whole new level of clout.

Keeping up its tradition for bringing new denim technologies to the market, H&M Group’s Weekday released Thursday just 64 pairs of women’s jeans made with Infinited Fiber Company’s (IFC) unique regenerated textile fiber, Infinna.

Infinna boasts the soft and natural look and feel of cotton, but it is created out of 100 percent textile waste, the fiber maker said. The biodegradable component is produced by liquifying the cellulose in its feedstock and respinning it into fiber. Any non-cellulosic materials in the raw material, like polyester, elastane and dyes, are removed in the process.

Though the Infinna in Weekday’s jeans is made from textile waste, IFC’s technology can also use other cellulose-rich waste streams, like used cardboard, paper, or wheat or rice straw, as its raw material.

“Lots of different garments have been created with Infinna in the past to demonstrate how our regenerated textile fiber works in different fabric applications from T-shirts, to hoodies to dress shirts to jeans. But these are the first garments that are available for anyone out there to purchase,” said Kirsi Terho, IFC’s key account director.

The collection with Weekday is years in the making. The project began as a trial run within H&M Group’s Circular & Renewable Innovation Lab, which reviews innovations in early stages of development. That, in turn, was sparked by H&M Group’s investment in IFC.

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Weekday released Thursday just 64 pairs of women’s jeans made with Infinited Fiber Company’s unique regenerated textile fiber, Infinna.
Weekday’s Infinna jean Courtesy

In 2019, IFC bowed proof-of-concept garments in collaboration with Weekday. Modeled by “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams, the two-piece ensemble comprises a denim bustier, buttoned in front with laces in the back, and a pair of jeans with above-the-knee cutouts and exposed front-pocket linings. The garments made Weekday the first brand in the world to employ IFC’s “reborn” material.

Weekday had a more commercial design in mind for this collection. Anna Norling, Weekday head of design, said the brand “wanted to scale up this concept and give a wider audience the chance to choose circular design.” The result is a jean made with a 50/50 blend of Infinna and organic cotton in a denim weave. The jeans come in Weekday’s popular fit for women, the Rowe, an extra-high-waisted straight jean.

Just like all the other Rowe jeans, they retail for 500 Swedish krona (approximately $60), underlining the philosophy that “sustainable shouldn’t be exclusive and must become mainstream for maximum impact,” the company stated.

The jeans are available now on Weekday’s online shop.