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Weekday’s New Denim Collection Reimagines Styles You Thought Were Dead

Weekday, a Swedish denim and fashion brand owned by H&M Group, was founded in 2002—and its newest collection, “Denim Like it’s 1999,” travels back to Y2K, when low-rise jeans and cut-out accents were the peak of fashion.

However, the collection is not entirely the same as it was at the start of the new millennium. This time, the denim is more sustainable, as it consists of 100 percent organic cotton—which is in line with the brand’s ambitious goal of using only organic or recycled cotton in its cotton assortment by 2020.

By 2030, the brand aims to sustainably source all other materials.

“It feels like denim in 2020 is stepping into a new chapter,” said Alice Shulman, Weekday’s head of women’s wear, said. “From quite rigid ideas about material and fit, denim is evolving and becoming really imaginative and expressive. With this collection, we are looking back on the iconic looks of Britney and Justin dressed in denim from top to toe, aiming to transport that energy into something that can be relevant today.”

The collection features men’s and women’s clothing with a heavy emphasis on denim and a color palette that subtly nods to the early ’00s while balancing with the minimalism of today: off white, black and creamy neutrals pair with light blue and bubblegum pink accents.

The women’s range features a long denim skirt with a dramatic slit, high-waisted jeans cut to resemble denim chaps, low-rise jeans paired with a pink denim leotard and black denim suiting with edgy zippers and cut-outs. The men’s range includes loose-fit jeans and matching denim jackets, jeans with tears just below the back pockets and denim vests reminiscent of ’00s boy bands.

Denim Like it’s 1999 will be available in select stores and online beginning Jan. 23.