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What Dish & Duer’s Doing with Denim

With Dish & Duer, denim does more.

The idea for the brand, is to make clothes for “doers” so they can do the things that life demands.

The company started making its Performance Denim and No Sweat fabrications in Pakistan, buying a small denim factory there to maintain the ethical standards it intends to live by in its business. Dish & Duer then expanded to a factory in Shanghai, China, where it continues to keep its high standards for clean, compliant workplaces where staff are treated fairly.

For company founder Gary Lenett, the main aim of the Dish & Duer brand was to “bridge the gap between fashion and functional clothing.” Lenett partnered with performance fabric expert Abid Hafeez, and the brand was born in 2013.

Carved in Blue connected with Dish & Duer to get a look at what’s driving the brand to make denim that’s more sustainable, more innovative and more future-facing.

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