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WHY by Kingpins Emphasizes the Need for Branding

New denim innovations call for new marketing and branding tactics. WHY by Kingpins, a new show created by Kingpins founder Andrew Olah and branding strategist Kris Dumaon, aims to be the incubator for new ideas.

The trade show, taking place adjacent to Kingpins Amsterdam April 13-14, will present labels, trims, accessories and new technologies, as well as host complementary seminars and panels about on the future of branding design.

“WHY is built on the idea that branding is a key component to the success of a denim brand—and it is an area of our industry that is particularly interesting right now. The level of innovation and creativity that is being pushed out by this sector is fantastic,” said Kingpins Founder Andrew Olah.

The show will feature “anchor” exhibitors in traditional booths, as well as two new exhibitor categories, Pop-Up and Wizards. Pop-Up allows up-and-coming exhibitors not necessarily ready for a traditional booth to participate in WHY on the first day. On the second day, Wizards, a group of industry consultants who normally don’t have a place at trade shows, will set up shop.

Exhibitors for the inaugural show include: Berning Smart Fasteners, Cadicagroup, Christian Reca, Colombia / Don Matthias, Deridesen, Dienpi + Rete Its, Dyneema, Euromark Industries SRL, Flanders Fashion Institute, KT Label, Lande global, LBS, Morocco / Denim Cluster, Nexgen Packaging, Nick William, Original Brand, Panama Trimmings, Piero Turk, Prym Fashion Italia, Ribbontex Srl, Riri + Cobra, Spring ’85 Spa, Super Stories and Turteks Etiket A.S.