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Why reDEW8 Does What It Does For Denim

Denim brands are certainly not all created equal.

reDEW8, for one, has chosen to focus on style, sustainability and technology to make a denim product that also contributes to good in the world.

To put the brand’s ethos into perspective, we only have to look so far as its co-owner Peter Lantz to understand why reDEW8 does what it does.

“We share this only planet of ours with about 8.7 million other species and one of the weaknesses humans have, in the society we have built for ourselves, is our urge for newness and our willingness to buy cheap,” Lantz said. “In short, while fashion can be creatively inspiring and arguably help people to improve their self-esteem within the social norms, it is ultimately evil. In the last century, fashion has gone from embracing high-quality fabrics paired with sartorial skills to fast and disposable garments of highly questionable quality and make. We used to wear a garment for years, whereas today it’s closer to a few times before disposing of it.”

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