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Pacsun and Wrangler Venture Into Resale

Two players in the denim space are taking different approaches to stepping into the piping hot resale category.

Wrangler revealed Tuesday the release of Wrangler Reborn, a curated collection of vintage men’s and women’s jeans from as early as the 1950s to 2000 and preloved jeans from 2000 or after.

Arriving as Wrangler celebrates Earth month and its 75th anniversary, the most featured fits in Wrangler Reborn were originally built for durability and longevity for the cowboys of the American West and then adopted globally in the 1960s. Some of the items in the collection have been around for more than six decades, underscoring the importance of longevity as a form of sustainability.

“Wrangler jeans are timeless and loved across generations, and this collection appeals to denim heads, longtime Wrangler fans and young vintage-lovers alike, representing the importance of our heritage and proving that this collection is truly one for the ages,” said Vivian Rivetti, Wrangler VP of global design.

The assortment includes styles from the brand’s archives, including 1950s Blue Bell jeans and two continued best-selling jeans. The 13MWZ Cowboy Cut jean is known as a wardrobe staple originally made by cowboys for cowboys. The men’s jeans feature a deep watch pocket, flat rivets to prevent scratching and two additional belt loops for security. The Cowboy Cut 0936 offers a more modern and slimmer take on the western style, geared toward younger consumers.

Two players in the denim space are taking different approaches to stepping into the piping hot resale category.
Wrangler Reborn Courtesy

The jeans are available exclusively on the brand’s website, with details about each garment’s condition listed in the product description. Retail prices span $49 for 13MWZ shorts to $296 for the Blue Bell styles.

There are plans for additional drops in 2022, while still keeping this a curated collection, the company told Rivet.

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Teen specialty retailer Pacsun is adding a new layer to its circularly strategy as well with Pre-Loved Pac, a 360-resale program powered by ThredUp’s Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform that allows Pacsun customers to clean out their closets for store credit and shop pre-loved clothing directly through the brand’s website.

Denim brands and retailers like Madewell and NYDJ have launched similar resale and takeback programs with Thredup.

“Pacsun understands its customers on a deeper level than most brands I’ve worked with. Incorporating resale into its business made sense for multiple reasons, but mostly because it delivers a service that its customers are already tapping into,” said James Reinhart, ThredUp CEO. “With Pacsun’s Gen Z customer-base, resale is not only an ideal fit for the company’s demographic but it is also an untapped growth channel for the business.”

All elements encourage customers to rotate their wardrobe sustainably, buy secondhand and receive credit to repeat the process, the company stated. Through Pre-Loved Pac, shoppers can scoop up pre-owned items from Pacsun branded jeans and swimsuits, and tops, bottoms and dresses from LA Hearts, Playboy, PS Basics and PS/LA labels. The pre-owned garments retail for up to 90 percent off estimated retail price.

Consumers can also request a clean out kit on Pacsun’s website or print a free shipping label to use on any box. After sending in their gently used women’s and kids’ items from any brand, consumers can earn Pacsun credit for eligible items that sell in the listing window.

The rest of the garments will be reused or recycled. Consumers can also opt to have unlisted items returned.

“Our community already embraced sustainable fashion, and we wanted to incorporate that into our brand experience,” said Mimi Ruiz, Pacsun’s VP of ecommerce.

Pacsun’s foray into resale follows the launch of PacDenim For A Better Tomorrow, an in-store recycling and incentive program. It launched last fall with five locations home to dedicated denim recycling bins. There, customers who drop off used denim made with at least 90 percent cotton or greater at the bins will receive $10 off their next purchase of Pacsun Denim at a Pacsun retail location. In regions where drop bins are not available, consumers have the option to return denim directly to store associates at the registers at any Pacsun store.