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Wrangler’s Parent Company Encourages Local Volunteerism

VF Corp., the parent company of Wrangler and Lee, is encouraging its employees worldwide to step out of the office and volunteer in their local communities. The company recently shared a series of initiatives that demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and environmental volunteering.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, more than 330 associates from VF’s world headquarters and its Jeanswear organization donated over 830 volunteer hours working on 20 different projects, including improving the facility and grounds at the Glenwood Recreation Community Center and the Greensboro Science Center.

Wrangler and Lee partnered with local organizations in Lumberton, North Carolina, to revitalize more than 200 homes that were impacted following last year’s hurricane. Wrangler also donated a portion of its jean-surplus to help the Girl Scouts of America create more than 300 dog beds for local animal shelters, and associates also gathered animal food for donation to the shelters.

In European cities, VF employees took part in community days, volunteering for local environmental and social causes and charities. Events included an Earth Day celebration in Italy, where employees helped restore a local bird protection agency’s education center, and a partnership with a London-based education program to help students at risk falling behind in school. A total of 16 students completed a range of photography, film, editing and writing tasks as well as creating a real-life business brief with support from VF store managers who served as business coaches.

“We believe thriving communities mean thriving associates,” said Laura Meagher, VF vice president, general counsel and secretary. “Being an actively engaged local citizen is both good for the community and good for business. Our associates around the world are making their communities stronger by living our values of honesty, integrity and respect, and by giving back to the places where they live and work.”

VF’s local volunteer projects complement many of company’s larger sustainable commitments, including its goal to use 100 percent renewable energy at its owned and operated facilities by 2025 and its recent pilot program to increase the supply of sustainable cotton in the U.S.