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Year in Review: 3 Menswear Designers Bucking Convention

Menswear designers pushed the envelope in 2015 with androgynous designs, bursts of color and an appreciation for eclectic details.

Rivet caught up with three up-and-coming designers. Each possesses their own aesthetic and envisions a future when men’s fashion is more than basic button-downs and jeans.

Boyswear Founder Jackson McKeehan on Spinning Stories Into Clothing

Boyswear founder and designer Jackson McKeehan could never be accused of being too conventional. He took inspiration for his Spring ’15 launch collection from diners and breakfast food, and is basing his next line on vintage robots. He takes fashion into new, otherworldly realms. Read more…

Roba di Sangue Finds New Possibilities for the T-Shirt

Angelo Milano, the founder and designer of Roba di Sangue, may never have planned on becoming a fashion designer, but his outsider perspective has lent his designs an unexpected, attention-grabbing creativity. Milano created his line of eye-catching, screen-printed T-shirts after being encouraged to do so by a friend, and since then he’s never worried about trends. Read more…

Kardo Designer Rikki Kher on Quality and Craftsmanship

After working in the textile and garment industry for a number of years on the business side, Rikki Kher, creative director and founder of Kardo, began making his own clothes. He hadn’t found what he wanted in the market, so he started designing pieces and re-engineering garments he already had.

When Kher began Kardo, he kept it small and focused on quality. Having lived in England, he was influenced by the culture of tailoring. Each piece in the Kardo collection is made one at a time by a tailor who stitches the item from start to finish. Read more…