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Year in Rewind: Best of Carved in Blue

Lenzing celebrated the 25th anniversary of Tencel in 2017 with a host of projects and collaborations with denim legends, industry innovators and up-and-coming designers. Many of these conversations took place on Tencel’s blog, Carved in Blue.

As the year comes to an end, we’re taking a look back the blog’s best sound bites that helped bring the denim industry to life in2017.

“I truly believe TENCEL® [gives the] denim industry much needed conscience,” Raphael Javaheri, CEO of premium fabric maker ECOTEX, told Carved in Blue about his first impression of the fiber. “We all love to call Adriano [Goldschmied] ‘the Godfather of Denim.’ Well, I like to think of TENCEL® as the Godparent of eco-friendly and sustainability by design.”

“Young designers who work through social media are going to be more important. This is such an important means of influence and communication,” said Saitex CEO Sanjeev Bahl about the future of denim.

“Make your own team with the right people who share your values and complete your set of competencies. Trust them and you will have great results,” said Stefano Rosso, Diesel North America CEO, about the best advice his father, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, has gave him.

“It came pretty naturally, I wear vintage jeans almost every day and I wanted to create something that resonated and moved easily throughout the collection,” said designer Mara Hoffman about why she integrated denim into her women’s collection.

“I have this perfect Levi 501 when I was 15. I adored them, they not only fit great but as a teenager they were my lucky charm. Over the years, they got super timeworn. And then I spent days in my bedroom giving them the truly distressed look with scissors, sandpaper, sewing needle, I used it all. I was very proud of my new 501 look. My grandma didn’t agree with my piece of art and decided to fix it: she cut off all the loose exposed treads! The only thing I could do was to put patches on the holes. They came with me to the US when I was 23,” Hebe Schecter, Kaltex America president and CEO, told Carved in Blue about her favorite pair of jeans.

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“In near future, sustainability will be the key word for garment production. As per recent surveys, almost 30 percent of the consumers have said that they ‘put an effort’ into finding sustainable garments for themselves. We put the human and sustainability into the center and have set our future strategies towards this direction,” said Taypa sales and marketing director Banu Acun about investment and innovation.

“I knew I had blue blood in me pretty much since I was born. I never understood what a genius and trailblazer my father was until I got older, especially once I myself got in the industry, but I always knew that denim and indigo ran in our blood. Even though my dad may not have always agreed with the jeans I wore I was always a blue jean baby,” Marta Goldschimed said about her family’s denim lineage.

“The one thing I have noticed, from the outside, is how so many people in the industry are supportive of others, and friends with others no matter which brand they are from,” said denim artist Ian Berry about denim culture.