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New Acquisition Enhances C&S’s Profile in Luxury Apparel

Italian denim and streetwear manufacturer C&S is expanding its capabilities. The 40-year-old company recently acquired Italian luxury denim and outerwear manufacturer Texo S.R.L.

Though C&S is rooted in denim, the company is increasingly stepping into the luxury segment, establishing itself as a partner for jackets, shirts, outerwear and denim for brands like Haikure, Jeckerson and Purple. Its state-of-the-art laboratory offers designers prototyping and sampling services as well as access to a consultancy team for product development, trade and marketing strategies.

The addition of Texo “enriches” C&S’s denim’s division and its research and production solution division called Style Services Luxe. Texo works with partners across all stages of production, from design and pattern production through to the selection of fabrics, materials and finishes.

The acquisition also strengthens C&S ties to domestic brands. Texo reports on its website that 60 percent of its clients are based in Italy.

“We are proud to have achieved this new milestone,” said Federico Corneli, C&S’s main shareholder. “We firmly believe that the added value that Texo S.R.L.’s specialization brings to the table will allow us to grow further and to be able to accelerate the strategic path that will lead us to establish ourselves as [a] special partner for the most important luxury brands.”

Italy is seeing consolidation in its apparel and trims sector. H.I.G. Capital-owned Cadicagroup is rapidly expanding its trims business. In March, the company acquired luxury trims manufacturer Varcotex for its fourth deal in 36 months. Cadica is also venturing into technology. Last summer, the company purchased Etichetta 2000, a woven and printed labels company that specializes in the distribution of anti-counterfeiting products and services including labeling with QR codes, customized holographic strips and tracking technologies including RFID and NFC.