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Cadica’s New Acquisition Enhances Traceability Capabilities

Cadica Group is on the cusp of enriching its products for a more traceable future.

The Italian trims manufacturer announced Monday the majority acquisition of Etichetta 2000, a 30-year-old woven and printed labels company that specializes in the distribution of anti-counterfeiting products and services including labeling with QR codes, customized holographic strips and tracking technologies like RFID and NFC.

The company is also the developer of E2K online software, a web-based application for managing variable data on merchandise labels. By allowing various production sites access to the same digital information and reports, the E2K password-protected system ensures greater control over the quantities developed by each supplier and helps maintain quality standards for garments and labeling.

E2K maintains a database of registered orders and is therefore easily traceable. The information on the labels, such as the brand name, can be fixed, or include variable data, such as composition of the garment and washing instructions.

The strategic partnership will allow Cadica Group to “consolidate its position in the luxury sector, which is increasingly demanding and attentive to the sustainability of its products,” the company stated in a press release.

Known for market-ready designs and high-quality trims, Cadica’s focus for recent collections has turned to natural and recycled materials. The company’s “The New Normal Collection” offers recycled cotton and recycled felt bases, as well as soluble accessories that disappear in water and 100 percent biodegradable and compostable products. Though Cadica has offered solutions like scannable tags and labels with hologram imagery to help verify a product’s authenticity, the company said the implementation of Etichetta 2000 will allow it to have “more complete proposals and an internalized production that will allow us to present an even more advanced offer.”

The acquisition, said Masismo Stefanello, Cadica Group CEO, “will allow us to offer to our customers an even wider range of products, intercepting their needs in terms of creativity, quality and service in an even more complete way.”