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Cadica’s New Trims Collection Tempt the Senses

Curiosity sparks creativity. That’s the message behind Cadica’s Fall/Winter 23-24 collection of trims.

The company, which has been on an acquisition spree, is presenting the collection this week at Premiere Vision in Paris.

Elements from the culinary arts, oceanic life, art and technology are woven into “Feeding Your Ideas,” a four-part collection designed by Cadica Group creative director Alejandro Espinosa Caballero and A+A Design Studio.

Based on the “hunger for knowledge, hunger for information [and the] hunger to live,” the inspiration for the four themes is represented in the trims’ materials, colors and textures.

“There is no such thing as research and creativity without the need to know and be satisfied with curiosity,” the company stated.

In Everyday Life, Cadica celebrates the small pleasures in life, such as fresh coffee and quiet dinners at home that are often taken for granted. Warm and comforting, the theme focuses on simple materials with a classic-meets-contemporary twist.

Buttered, polished or recycled leather offers companies branding options with longevity. Surfaces are worn, rough and natural. Shades of brown spanning burnt and sunset shades to neutrals add warmth, while gray adds a sense of coolness and mystery.

Cadica's New Trims Collection Tempt the Senses
Cadica F/W 23-24 collection Courtesy

Water’s dream-like state inspired Cadica’s second theme, Sea Dreamin. The line of trims combines sandy textures and colors with “reflections of the sea” spanning blue and green to silver and pearl. Metallic threads and high-shine surfaces give trims a glowing effect.

In Safety-Security, the company focused on flat compositions and color combinations with an industrial and minimal feel. The theme taps into consumers’ shift to valuing quality over quantity.

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Metallic surfaces inspired by aerospace, cemented surfaces mimic asphalt and tech-y materials tell an urban workwear story. Cadica describes the trims as minimal and clean, “using basic gray in both warm and cold hues with touches of well-defined accents and strong contrasts of fluorescence and reflectors.”

Trims are brighter and bolder in Cadica’s last theme, Past vs. Future. The concept toys with the idea of what happens when science and technology collide with nostalgia, resulting in “retro-futurism.”

“What may seem virtual today is tomorrow’s reality,” the brand stated.

Strong nods to the ’80s permeate the collection through neon brights and metallic and iridescent textures. The colors are contrasted with black to create a sense of depth and space.

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