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Fashion Brands Push the Envelope with Unique Collaborations

Two minds are better than one—and in fashion, this rings especially true. Not only do partnerships help designers create fresh ideas and appeal to a wider demographic, but they also often grab the attention of Gen Z consumers. Sometimes, the most unlikely collaborations—like Travis Scott and Reese’s Puffs cereal—are some of the most successful.

This week’s denim reads cover the ways in which collaborations are getting more creative, and how they’ve always been a part of a fashion brand’s marketing.

What Makes a Collaboration Successful in 2020?

Collaborations are everywhere in fashion. To stand out, Business of Fashion recommends finding the right partner, leveraging his or her brand equity, focusing on your core customer and getting creative with designs. Learn more here.

LS&Co. Football Flashbacks: Super Bowl Edition

Two hallmarks of American culture, football and Levi’s have been connected for close to 70 years. It all started in 1950 when Levi Strauss & Co. launched a campaign featuring Frankie Albert, the San Francisco 49ers’ first quarterback, in a red plaid wool shirt. See the entire timeline here.

Here’s Your First Look Inside Louis Vuitton’s New Restaurant in Japan

Louis Vuitton recently opened a flagship store in Osaka, Japan, and it’s not just designer clothes and accessories on the menu. The brand is the latest to open a restaurant in its flagship store in Osaka, Japan, and the warm color palette and eclectic accents are sure to attract the fashion crowd. Take a look inside here.

Are Guest Designers the New Engine of Fashion?

To keep designs fresh, a growing number of brands is inviting guest designers to take over a collection. WWD covered some of the biggest collaborations of this kind and explained why they’re becoming so popular. Read more here.