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Denim Forensics and Anti-Viral Fashion: How Cultural Moments are Shaping Style

From denim’s potential role in forensics to Naomi Campbell being deemed a hygienic role model, our denim reads this week cover a unique cultural moment in time. The world’s obsession with true crime and sanitization amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is shaping all industries, including fashion. See how fashion is being impacted by today’s biggest headlines.

The Wear Patterns of Your Jeans Aren’t Good Forensic Evidence

Denim heads and true crime fans intersect with news that the unique wear patterns of denim could be used as forensic evidence one day. As it stands now, there are too many false reads to be used in a reliable fashion, as jeans can photograph differently than they appear. Learn more about the risk of inaccuracy—and the potential for success—here.

Anti-Viral Fashion: Why Naomi Campbell is the Perfect Celebrity for Our Health Crisis

Hygiene, but make it fashion. Naomi Campbell is a known germaphobe who has always practiced rigorous hygiene rituals while traveling—and now she’s become the poster-woman for staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Check out her anti-viral fashion look and learn how she enforces cleanliness here.

We Wore What founder Danielle Bernstein on Making the Move from Influencer to Fashion Designer

In a podcast with Glossy Trend Watch: Influencer Edition, We Wore What’s Danielle Bernstein discussed the evolution of her career as an influencer. What started as fashion blogging 10 years ago expanded into clothing design and entrepreneurship. See how she was able to add those titles to her name here.

Tired of Jeans? Here are 23 New Ways to Wear Denim This Spring

Longtime denim fan Vogue recently listed 23 ways to incorporate the beloved material into your wardrobe. The kicker: jeans weren’t mentioned once. From bucket hats to denim headbands, see how the publication got creative in its selection of denim statement pieces and accessories here.