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Denim Giants Win Inaugural ITMF Awards

Big-name denim players such as Bossa, Lenzing and Wiser Globe were among the winners of the first-ever ITMF Awards that were presented at the 2022 annual conference of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday.

Founded in 1904, ITMF is an international forum for the world’s textile industries and one of the oldest non-governmental organizations in existence. It premiered the prizes with two categories, Sustainability & Innovation and International Collaboration. The former recognizes “sustainable and innovative achievements in the textile industry with focus on innovation, design, development and production under the strictest standards of sustainability and respect for the environment” while the latter acknowledges “progress in the area of international collaboration in the textile industry according to the values of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Juan Pares, CEO of Spanish clothing manufacturer Textil Santanderina and vice president of ITMF, chaired the nine-person jury of textile experts and specialists who selected the winners, all of whom applied by the April 2022 deadline.

The Sustainability & Innovation Award recipients were selected based on the value proposition of their chosen approach, its environmental and socio-economic impact, innovation and economic viability.

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The 10 winners are: Cathay Biotech Inc. with Donghua University (China), Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Chinese Taipei), Gama Recycle Sustainable Technologies Inc. (Turkey), Grupo Malwee (Brazil), Lenzing AG (Austria), Mahmood Group (Pakistan), PSG College of Technology (India), Recover–Circular Fashion for All (Spain), Sedo Engineering (Switzerland) and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (Hong Kong, China), which was honored for its textile-to-textile recycling technology called the Green Machine.

The International Collaboration Award went to eight companies and organizations that were judged based on the value proposal of their chosen approach, its socio-economic and economic viability, their contribution to international development and other aspects such as synergies, corporate commitment, collaboration and contribution to SDG goals.

Bossa (Turkey), Coloro (China), Ekoten Tekstil and (Turkey), Euratex (Belgium), Säntis Textiles (Singapore)/Kipas Textiles (Turkey), STAR Network (Sustainable Textile of the Asia Region), Texfor (Spain) and Wiser Globe (Turkey) were honored.

“The ITMF sees the need to encourage efforts in the entire textile value chain to innovate and to promote progress in improving sustainable production. In a globalized world international collaboration is indispensable. The ITMF Awards for Sustainability & Innovation and for International Collaboration are aimed to increase the visibility of these efforts,” Christian Schindler, director general of ITMF, told Rivet.

This year’s ITMF conference was co-hosted by Swiss Textiles and Swiss Textile Machinery and was themed “Climate Change and a Sustainable Global Textile Value Chain.”