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Denim Reads: Levi’s Voice-Powered Assistant and a New Denim Capital

Though major international fashion weeks have come to a close, fashion continues to make headlines—and denim is stealing the spotlight. From Milan emerging as a denim capital, to the rise of resale and a new technological innovation that helps consumers shop for jeans, here are some of our favorite denim reads of the week.

How Milan Wants to Become a Denim Culture’s Pole

Milan unveiled the Denim Institute Milano (DIM) during its fashion week, a cultural establishment designed to position the city as a denim destination. The news broke at the “Denim, Science, Ethic and Aesthetic” conference, which gathered key denim influencers including Alberto De Conti of Hub 1922, Stenilio Morazzini of Montega, Alice Tonello of Tonello and others. Read more here.

How A Booming Resale Business Could Lead the Future of Sustainable Fashion

Resale leaders including The RealReal, Depop and ThredUp are experiencing explosive growth—and it’s not just because of the discounted designer goods they offer. Bolstered by an industry-wide push toward sustainable, conscious fashion, consumers are turning to resale companies for a more ethical fashion fix. Read the full Refinery29 article here.

Use Your Smart Speaker to Find Your Next Pair of Jeans

Levi’s is the latest to adopt voice-enabled technology that helps shoppers identify a great-fitting pair of jeans. The San Francisco-based company recently launched Levi’s Assistant, which lets customers ask Google Home and Amazon Alexa brand-related questions, including store locations, product recommendations, current promotions, order tracking and more. Read more about the service here.

Meet Ginew, an Indigenous-Made Denim Line with a Traditional Twist

A Portland, Ore.-based husband-and-wife duo are the masterminds behind a clothing line that pulls inspiration from their indigenous cultures. Ginew, which features workwear-inspired “Native Americana” clothing, includes motifs from the Ojibwa, Oneida and Mohican tribes. The collection focuses on selvedge denim, as the designers are inspired by how the fabric tells a story that’s unique to the wearer. Read the entire Vogue profile here.