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Denim Reads: Denim’s Nostalgic Marketing and Increasing ‘Weird’ Factor

Denim is a universal fabric that takes many different forms. From denim sunglasses recently launched on Kickstarter to a denim train worn by a fashion icon, the fabric’s range is anything but boring. We compiled some of the most interesting denim news of the week that highlights key moments of its evolution.

How Jeans Got Weird

Denim first became popular in the ’20s and ’30s, when it was associated with the lone cowboy of the West. Now, with the likes of fashion and music icon Rihanna wearing the fabric in every variation, denim has evolved into an expression of art. Read more about the evolution of denim here.

Why Your Favorite Denim Brands Are Advertising Like It’s the ’90s

Nostalgic fashion has dominated both the runway and the streets for some time now. And nostalgic marketing—print mailers, billboards, sweepstakes contests—are also picking up in popularity. Denim brands such as Guess and Boyish Jeans are going old school with their marketing to cut through the noise in the digital age. Read more here.

Amazing Sustainable Sunglasses Made with Denim

Brands are incorporating denim into everything from footwear, to underwear and now, to sunglasses. Jack Spencer, a designer from Cornwall, U.K., launched a line of sustainable sunglasses made of denim and resin. Named Mosevic Denim Sunglasses, the collection is currently available on Kickstarter. Watch the video here.

Experts on the Best Menswear Labels to Invest in Now (and Resell Later)

As the demand for archival designer clothing increases, so does resale. Fashionista talked to fashion experts for their take on the best designer menswear brands that will likely generate the greatest resale value. Read more here.