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Denim Reads: Plastic-Free Fashion Solutions; How to Break In Raw Denim

Sustainability is reshaping the way fashion lovers buy, wear and sell clothing. Retailers are using less plastic, consumers are creating their own clothing from the earth’s elements and new brands are upcycling used garments. Our favorite denim reads from the past week touch on each of these concepts, underscoring the push for a more eco-friendly industry.

Fashion’s Fight to Phase Out Plastics

In order to become more sustainable, the fashion industry is severely reducing its use of plastic. Brands, retailers and manufacturers are opting for alternative solutions for plastic hangers, buttons, zippers and other “minute details” that have a negative effect on the environment. Learn about all of the latest plastic-free initiatives here.

Fibershed Offers an Alternative Vision for the Future of the Fashion Industry

A nonprofit dedicated to sustainable fashion, Fibershed is on a mission to find sustainable solutions for producing clothing. The organization has created a community of people who adopt eco-friendly practices such as wearing clothes made of certified materials, using dye derived from plants and restoring worn out clothing. Read more about the eco-friendly fashion community here.

This Taiwan-based denim label is championing sustainable denim with a social conscience

More than 70,000 tons of clothes are discarded in Taiwan every year. Kuan Chen, designer and University for the Creative Arts graduate, decided to launch a fashion company that would save some of these garments from destruction and turn them into new styles. Read the full Vogue Australia article here.

How to Break in Raw Denim, According to the Experts

Denim heads know that breaking in raw denim is an art form. Gear Patrol interviewed denim experts to learn the best practices for achieving the perfect worn-in look—and some of the tips are unexpected. Read more here.