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Denim Reads: Fashion Brands on TikTok; How to Wear Denim to Work

Fashion is constantly evolving—brands are opting for new marketing methods and offering extended sizing for consumers, the casualization of the workplace continues, and designers are making shorts out of materials that were once unthinkable. As the industry moves in a new direction, we’re keeping readers informed. Here are our top denim reads of the week.

Do Fashion Brands Need TikTok?

If you’re still unsure of what TikTok is, it’s time to learn. A number of fashion brands have seen success using the video platform that’s become a hit with younger consumers. By sponsoring hashtag challenges, brands have garnered billions of views on the platform. Read more about its marketing potential here.

Nicole McLaughlin Is Venturing Out on Her Own with Her Upcycled Customs

Nicole McLaughlin, who began as a graphic designer for Reebok, turned into an upcycled garments fashion designer seemingly overnight. She became an Instagram sensation after posting a custom slipper made from an L.L. Bean fleece last year, and has created unique upcycled garments—such as shorts made with car air fresheners—ever since. Read more about her eclectic fashion design here.

7 Ways to Get Away with Wearing Denim to Work

As workplaces become more casual, jeans are a common sight—but there’s a right and wrong way of wearing them in a professional setting. Esquire revealed the unspoken rules of wearing jeans to the office, from correct shoe pairings, to wash selections and more. Learn the rules here.

The Best Places to Buy Long-Inseam Jeans According to an Actual Tall Person

Many denim brands are becoming size inclusive—and that includes offering a range of inseam lengths. One writer at Fashionista calls out brands she especially loves for accommodating her need for a longer inseam. Find out what she considers to be the best labels here.