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This is What Denim Shoppers Do (and Don’t) Want

While it’s rare for denim heads to unanimously agree on much, they can rally behind certain retail and fashion trends. This week, Rivet gathered the top denim reads that identify exactly what shoppers want—and what they can do without. From shopping local to calling out the bad guys in the industry, here’s what denim heads are into right now.

The Year Ahead: Neighborhood Stores Return

Despite what you may have heard, brick-and-mortar is not dead. A report co-published by Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company showed that local stores are a popular choice for shoppers looking for convenience, and that they have a significantly lower return rate than their online counterparts. Read more of the report’s findings here.

Has the Proliferation of Watchdog Accounts Bred a ‘Good Samaritan’ Culture in Fashion?

Watchdog accounts like Diet Prada have become famous for calling out major brands for copying other designers and artists. They’ve sparked a movement in the fashion industry that prioritizes authenticity and giving credit where it’s due. Learn about the increasingly popular ethics of fashion design here.

When It Comes to Black Jeans, Are You a Bella or a Kendall?

Black jeans are a fashion staple that can take many forms. The supermodel elite is divided, with Bella Hadid on one side favoring a faded straight leg look, and Kendall Jenner on the other opting for a polished jet black style. Choose your side and get the look here.

The Very Worst Denim Trends of 2019 (No, You Cannot Unsee This)

Fashion is bound to have its faux pas, and denim is no exception. From denim underwear to risky cutouts, some denim trends need to stay in 2019. Check out some of the worst denim looks of the year here.