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DL1961 Names Zahra Ahmed as New CEO

Premium New York denim brand DL1961 has announced the appointment of new CEO Zahra Ahmed.

Ahmed got her start in denim through the family business, ADM Denim, which was founded in 1990 by her parents, Faisal and Meliha Ahmed.

In 2008, ADM launched DL1961, founded on a proprietary technology called XFIT Lycra, a cotton-encased Lycra thread that is intertwined with polyester fibers.

Both ADM Denim and DL1961 have touted the use of sustainable manufacturing processes that reduce water waste and contamination and conserve energy.

In a statement, DL1961 said Ahmed’s vision as CEO would center around “building a brand that is a global leader in denim innovation, focusing on sustainability through experiential retail.”

When asked about material innovations that will play a part in the brand’s future offerings, Ahmed told Rivet, “We hope to further integrate new fibers like Lenzing’s Refibra Tencel Lyocell. We are currently offering several styles featuring it, and the consumer response has been positive.”

“The Refibra technology uses a closed-loop process that combines up-cycled cotton scraps with wood pulp, which is not only efficient but also contributes to the circular economy,” she added.

With the implementation of new materials and technologies, along with streamlined supply chain processes, Ahmed said the brand has an opportunity to inform consumers on how to make more conscious choices.

“Customers are increasingly curious about sustainable options,” she said in a brand statement.

“Our goal is to provide a product that fulfills that need without compromising on quality. Through efficient technologies we can make improvements on the product quality itself. Setting that precedent shows that being sustainable is not only a good environmental decision, but a good business one.”