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Download Now: Rivet’s Summer 2022 Issue

Denim can be created more sustainably, more economically and more innovatively, but if it doesn’t sell at retail, all those efforts are moot. Rivet’s retail-focused digital issue explores the ins and outs of selling denim in 2022 and beyond—from its pivot to digital, the rise of social commerce, how delivery delays are affecting retailers and tips to avoid greenwashing.

Click here to download the issue.

Inside the issue:

Online Origins
From risky to essential, e-commerce has been built on a bedrock of trust and convenience.

Payment Power
Are pay-by-installment plans behind denim’s resurgence?

Social Shopper
After the social commerce boom of 2021, brands are tapping into a new realm of retail with a hyperfocused audience.

New Rules
With sustainability and e-commerce on the rise, Andreas Kurz, Akari Enterprises founder, consultant and denim guru, shares how the current denim boom is unlike any other.

Retail Pulse
Denim stalwarts Fred Segal and Over the Rainbow share what’s hot and what’s not.

The OG Workhorse
With 100 years of workwear under its belt, Denny Bruce, Dickies global brand president, shares how the heritage brand is adjusting to post-pandemic realities and new consumer values.

Selling Sustainability
Retailers are expanding their conscious edits, but are buyers asking brands the right questions about their sustainable manufacturing?

More Issues Than Vogue
Port delays, sky-high freight rates and geopolitical uncertainty have kept denim companies on their toes, but supply chain overhauls might help navigate future landmines.

Control Group
Denim retail titans double down on warehousing space and fulfillment technologies.

The Shows Go On
The global denim industry relished opportunities to meet and gather this spring at Kingpins Amsterdam and Denim Première Vision.

Download the issue here.