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Ellen MacArthur Foundation Promotes Circularity Through New Education Hub

Less than a week after releasing a set of Jeans Redesign Guidelines, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched a learning hub to educate those who want to build a closed loop supply chain.

Using interactive multimedia content and real-world examples, the hub answers commonly asked questions about the concept of a circular economy and how individuals can contribute to its adoption and expansion. Through the hub, brands and designers can take “learning paths” on topics like circular design, fashion and the circular economy and how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to accelerate a closed loop process.

“Our new, open learning hub is designed to help individuals who can effect change in the world to build their own personal understanding of the circular economy, and begin to apply this knowledge to their work,” said Jules Hayward, learning lead at the foundation. “Everyone can be part of a growing global community that enables our world to thrive by creating unstoppable momentum towards a circular economy.”

The newly launched learning hub is part of the foundation’s ongoing initiative to ramp up education efforts on the circular economy. The Jeans Redesign Guidelines called on leading fashion brands and manufacturers to change the way they produce jeans so they’re more durable, recyclable and easier on the environment and the people who make them.

Launched in 2010, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is committed to transitioning the world to a circular economy. Their work focuses on six areas: learning; business, institutions, governments and cities; insight and analysis; systemic initiatives; and communications.