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A New Exhibit in Amsterdam Highlights Circular Fashion

With “circularity” entering the vernacular of fashion-savvy consumers, a new exhibit and shop in Amsterdam takes a closer look at the innovation behind the science of making circular apparel.

Fashion for Good launched “Reborn” last week, a new exhibit at the organization’s Fashion for Good Experience, the first interactive tech museum dedicated to sustainable fashion innovation. Through Reborn, Fashion for Good highlights a range of innovations that are needed in extending the lifecycle of clothes and to keep them from being burned or ending up in landfill.

The exhibit features circular apparel and footwear, including items from unisex workwear brand Silfi and a capsule collection of Cradle to Cradle certified apparel by C&A. The exhibit also includes an exclusive look at designer Tess van Zalinge’s reworked bridal gown collection, bags and accessories made from old sails by Mafia, and WAO shoes that can be ground up into compost.

Visitors to the exhibit can shop these circular products in the Good Shop and participate in events, workshops and panel discussions aligned around Reborn.

Reborn exhibit
Reborn exhibit Courtesy

Fashion for Good is a global initiative that unites brands, retailers, the supply chain and other stakeholders to advance sustainability. Circularity is one of its core ambitions. In its hub in Amsterdam, Fashion for Good houses a Circular Apparel Community, a co-working space where it provides open-source resources like its Good Fashion Guide about Cradle to Cradle clothing.

Prior exhibits at the Fashion for Good Experience have focused on transparency in fashion and companies pursuing initiatives to reduce their water consumption.