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As Culture Evolves, Fashion Brands Must Keep Up

It’s no question that today’s society is vastly different from how it was just a decade ago. Social norms have been rebooted to fit in all of the demands of today, from transparency provided by social media to inclusivity championed by various demographics. Fashion is feeling the effects of these changes, and brands can either keep up or risk being canceled in a generation that shows no mercy. This week’s denim reads cover some of the movements challenging the industry.

When the Culture Wars Came to Fashion

Now more than ever, brands are held accountable for their actions. What was once acceptable even just 10 years ago is the center of controversy today. This past decade alone has shown what social media and transparency can do for a brand, and the effects are both positive and negative. Read how fashion brands have been affected by the phenomenon here.

Can Companies with a ‘One Size Fits Most’ Approach Survive in a World of Inclusivity?

While some fashion brands have put in the work to offer extended sizing, others have simply gone through the motions by offering “one size fits most” products. This article from Glossy examines what this means for brands that refuse to evolve with the times, and why they may resist in the first place. Read more here.

Why Smart Collectors are Focusing on Fashion Photography

In a time where re-sale and vintage occupy some of the largest market shares in fashion, it may be photography that tops the charts of items to collect. Auction house Christie’s discusses why fashion photography in particular has catapulted in popularity among the art collector crowd. Read more here.

The Indonesian Denim Brands Giving Japan a Run for Its Money

While many associate the U.S., Japan and Italy with denim, they may need to include another country in the lineup. Gear Patrol highlighted a number of denim brands making waves in the industry and establishing the Asian country as one to watch. Read more here.