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Fashion Vows to Reduce Waste in 2020, One Step at a Time

With 2020 in sight, the fashion industry is more mindful than ever of its waste problem—and it’s vowing to make some changes in the coming decade. Influencers and media professionals are declining unsolicited gifts, consumers are being educated on what it truly means to be sustainable, and designers are looking to used goods to create new ones. This week, we compiled some of the best denim reads that cover the transition to waste-free fashion.

Why Brands Need a New Approach to Gifting

Though it’s with good intention, mass gift giving in the PR industry has come under scrutiny for its wasteful ways. Editors, influencers and other members of the media who frequently receive unsolicited products from agencies are now denouncing the practice in the name of sustainability. Read more here.

Is It Even Possible to Be A Sustainable Influencer?

Influencers who endorse sustainable brands often struggle with the contradictory concept of doing so. By encouraging followers to make purchases, they’re causing brands to produce more products and contributing to the culture of overconsumption. See how some of these influencers are taking a stand here.

Conscious, Ethical and Cruelty-Free: A Guide to the Language of Sustainable Fashion

By now, the average consumer has ingested copious amount of content on sustainability—but that doesn’t mean they have a clear understanding of the terms. The Guardian broke down some of the most common terms surrounding the concept in an attempt to educate shoppers to make more responsible buying decisions. Learn more here.

The Future of Fashion Is Circular: Why the 2020s Will Be About Making New Clothes Out of Old Ones

In recent years, designers have doubled down on circularity, and its popularity is increasing as the industry gives it more awareness. Vogue discussed the necessity for circular design, as well as the ways some leaders are beginning to adopt it. Read more here.