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Denim Reads: Gen Z Reimagines ‘Shop the Look’ and the Bride Wore Off-White

Gen Z consumers (and younger) are reimagining new ways to dress and shop.

With sustainability and social media built into their buying behavior and their innate urge to buck tradition spurring new trends, the cohort is keeping all segments of the apparel industry on their toes. Here, some of our favorite fashion reads from the past week take a closer look at their impact.

Are ‘Closet Accounts’ the Future of Fashion Journalism?

Teenagers with Instagram accounts are the latest way to “shop the look.” The New York Times takes a look at closet accounts, a new phenomenon among teenage girls on the hunt for the same (or similar) items worn by their favorite celebrities to post on social media. Read the full article here.

Generation Z & The Fast-Fashion Paradox

While millennials may have been the first generation to be schooled in sustainable fashion, Gen Z is pegged to be the cohort that makes it a reality—but only if they can change their relationship with fast-fashion brands. Refinery 29 takes a look at how the generation is caught between wanting to do good for the environment and having to spend less on fashion. Click here to read the full article.

Long Denim Overalls Are a Romantic Addition to Any Fall Wardrobe

Overalls are trending, according to Stylecaster. With utilitarian fashion trending among millennial and Gen Z shoppers, the fashion website shines a spotlight on denim overalls in a round-up that touches a variety of price points and fit options. Check out all 41 styles here.

And the Next Big Bridal Trend?

The next big opportunity for streetwear may be in bridal. With Hailey Bieber revealing this week her wedding gown and veil designed Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, and bridal stalwart Vera Wang opting for black tattoo-inspired lettering over florals and beading in her Fall ’20 collection, Insider takes a look at how bridal is embracing an edgy spin on traditional romance. Read the full article here.