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Experts Try on the Highest High-Rise Denim; Discuss the Future of Vintage

What started as a sustainable way to replenish your wardrobe has turned into a lucrative market. Secondhand clothing stores have grown in popularity and are now going head-to-head with fast-fashion brands. This week, we compiled some of the best denim reads that cover the shift toward secondhand, and old looks—like ultra-high rise pants—that have made their way back in style.

How High Can High-Waisted Pants Go?

For writer Rachel Syme, high-waisted pants make a statement that stretches beyond fashion. In contrast to their low-rise counterparts, high-waisted jeans—which were especially popular in the ’70s—celebrate the female form and encourage wearers to accentuate, rather than hide, certain parts of their body. She traveled to a boutique to try on ultra-high waist pants and offered a detailed account of her findings. Read it all here.

Vestiaire Collective’s Co-Founder on the Future of Fashion

As luxury resale company Vestiaire Collective celebrates its 10th anniversary, co-founder Fanny Moizant shared her views on fashion trends, the state of the resale industry and what lies ahead—and it looks like consignment is only getting bigger in the years ahead. Read the full interview here.

These Designers Want to Fight Climate Change. Just Don’t Call Them ‘Sustainable’

A group of small fashion brands is striving to make real change in both the way clothing is produced and how they talk about sustainability. Asket, one of the brands leading the charge, argues that there is no such thing as sustainable fashion, as all clothing has a social and/or environmental impact. Read about how the designers are changing people’s perception of big brands that claim to be sustainable here.

How Millennials and Gen Z Are Redefining Vintage and Reigniting Interest in Secondhand Clothing

Fashion has always borrowed looks from the past, but younger generations are taking that tradition to a new level. Millennials and Gen Z are wearing more vintage and older styles than ever before, and secondhand markets are thriving as a result. Read more about the push for vintage here.