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Inside Rivet’s Winter Issue

Rivet’s 2021 winter issue examines the steps the global denim industry is taking to minimize its impact on the environment.

From implementing zero waste production and design processes to establishing greenhouse gas emissions goals aligned with the Paris Agreement, the need to rethink standard practices has never been greater.

Download the digital issue to read:

Zero to Hero

Designers are finding ways to do more with less.

Nothing but Net

Companies are rolling out net-zero commitments, but what are they, and why now?

Show + Tell

The popularity of haul videos underscores the voyeuristic and real-life thrill of thrifting.

Another Year Wiser

Arkun Durmaz, president of Mavi North America, reflects on 30 years of producing jeans.

Turning Anxiety Into Action

A society experiencing eco anxiety is changing fashion for the better.


Gen Z revives Y2K fashion with boundless energy and individuality.

High Design, Low Impact

Recycled fibers and waterless technologies provide mills with the runway they need to reduce denim’s environmental footprint.

Year in Review

From collaborations to the Met Gala, a look back at the headlines that shaped the denim industry in 2021.

And more….

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