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Inside the Latest Issue of Rivet

Whether it’s Levi’s slashing the time it takes to finish a pair of jeans, or the proliferation of next-day—and before long, even same-day drone delivery—it can feel like the denim industry is caught up in a constant race against time.

But for now, we’re dialing it back to milestones—those rare markers of how far the industry has come, and an opportunity to reflect on where it’s headed next. That’s what this issue of Rivet, available here, is about.

After 80 years of manufacturing denim, family-run Candiani Denim is still the “cool kid” on the denim block. The family’s passion for denim is authentic, while its vision for (and investment in) innovations have consistently delivered sustainable, industry-leading results. As the mill celebrates its 80th anniversary with new eco-friendly collections, fourth-generation denim maker Alberto Candiani shares with Rivet the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

And considering what that legacy is likely to be, it isn’t any wonder why Jason Denham of Denham the Jeanmaker found a type of kinship with Candiani. Both share a willingness to innovate and adapt to consumer preferences, while maintaining laser sharp focus on their brand identities.

Denham the Jeanmaker, celebrates its own milestone this year, marking a decade of denim with a calendar of special projects, including limited-edition jeans made with Candiani golden selvedge denim. The right partnerships are just one piece of the puzzle that has helped the Amsterdam-based label build staying power. For Denham, it’s been about staying true to his brand values and vision for denim.

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This issue also counts as a milestone of sorts for Rivet, as it’s the first issue released since becoming part of Penske Media Corporation. Rivet’s parent company, Sourcing Journal, was acquired by the growing digital media powerhouse last October—a move that has both broadened our resources and elevated our designs, as evidenced with this issue and our forthcoming website relaunch in April.

Good looks, however, will only take us so far, which is why we’re also ramping up our coverage to better serve the denim industry. We plan on leveraging Sourcing Journal’s expertise in trade and sourcing with Rivet’s insight about denim trends, brands and retail to create a singular news hub for the global denim market. Expect to see more in-depth features with mill owners, designers and retailers, industry analysis, plus a closer look at denim culture.

We want Rivet to be a resource, not only to offer insights on the ins and outs of the industry, but to serve as a platform to share your news and viewpoints. If you have a scoop to share or denim innovation to dish on, tell us. It’s your denim industry.