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Jeanologia Highlights Water-Saving Technologies on World Water Day

Denim is notorious for being a “thirsty” industry.

On March 22, aka World Water Day, one of the sector’s leading innovators, finishing technology company, Jeanologia, used the occasion to drive awareness about the steps the global denim industry can put in place to reduce its water consumption.

For Jeanologia, the path to less water begins with MissionZero, the company’s initiative to dehydrate and detoxify the jeans industry by 2025.

Using laser and eco technologies, Jeanologia is able to reduce water and energy consumption while eliminating contaminated waste and harmful emissions, resulting in zero pollution. In 2019 alone, the company said it saved more than 13 million cubic meters of water, which is the amount needed for the annual human consumption of 712,600 people.

Jeanologia CEO Enrique Silla encouraged others in the denim industry to join the initiative.

“Despite [jeans’] dark era when it became one of the most polluting garments in the sector, with our technologies and re-engineering of jeans, it can become one of the most sustainable garments,” he said.

Jeanologia’s dedication to sustainable methods dates back to 1994 when the company first got its start. Since then, its energy- and water-saving technologies are responsible for more than 25 percent of the 5 billion jeans produced worldwide every year.

Though World Water Day this year was shrouded by news about COVID-19, brands did their part to educate consumers about denim’s water intake.

Los Angeles-based sustainable denim brand Ética announced a partnership with global non-profit Ética donated 15 percent of all website proceeds from March 19-22. The nonprofit is committed to providing safe, accessible and cost-effective water to the world.