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Jeanologia Is the Latest to Commit to UN’s 2030 Sustainability Agenda

Denim finishing company Jeanologia is furthering its commitment to the environment. On Tuesday, the Spanish company announced it will be joining the list of 13,000 other businesses fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Jeanologia is the latest to sign the UN Global Compact and commit to the 2030 agenda that lists 17 different SDGs—clean water and sanitation, an end to poverty, sustainable cities and communities and others—that will lessen the environmental and social impact of corporations. To date, the initiative is the largest of its kind, with members from 160 participating countries—and the number continues to grow.

“Our vision is to become the vehicle of transformation of our world, generating a positive impact on society,”Jeanologia founder Enrique Silla said. “We are convinced that businesses can change the world.”

This is one of many recent milestones for the company. After celebrating its 25th anniversary, Jeanolgia welcomed a new CEO, Carlos Arias, who is committed to completely dehydrating the denim industry under his leadership.

“To [achieve the company’s goals], we work day in and day out to join forces with the main brands and providers with the objective of making the textile industry totally sustainable,” Silla said.

Jeanologia has already made significant strides in technology that supplies the textile industry with solutions mitigating the environmental impact of denim finishing. One of its most impactful developments is the H2Zero closed cycle water recycling technology, which takes polluted water from washing machines and reuses it in the garment finishing process. By working with the UN, the company aims to further its impact on the industry.