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Denim Reads: Jeans May Damage the Apple Credit Card and Bourgeois Style Is Back

From a credit card that requires TLC, to the return of luxury French style, trendsetters will go to great lengths to look good. In this week’s Denim Reads, our favorite articles reflect how fashion keeps us guessing with new sustainable initiatives, new curators of cool and trends that defy critics and revel in decadence.

Apple Card Can Be Damaged By Wallets and Jeans

While digital payment platforms are streamlining the way consumers shop, others are proving to be more complicated. News about Apple’s new titanium credit card raised eyebrows this week when the company warned card holders that some fabrics, like denim and leather, could cause irreparable discoloration to the card. Additionally, the company suggested users wipe the card with a microfiber cloth to maintain its luster. Of course, social media had a field day mocking the new status symbol. Click here to read BBC’s full story.

Will a ‘Fashion Pact’ Make Fashion Greener?

François-Henri Pinault, the chief executive of Kering, plans to unveil details of a Fashion Pact that he is to present to world leaders at the Group of 7 summit this weekend. The collective action plans to combat climate change by minimizing the environmental impacts that the fashion industry has across oceans, climate and biodiversity. The New York Times examines if the plan goes far enough to make the impact on the environment. Click here to read the full article.

Meet the Man Behind Hidden.NY, the Streetwear Instagram Account Followed by Drake and Virgil Abloh

Few can tout Virgil Abloh, Takashi Murakami and Drake as followers on Instagram, but it’s the type of cachet that’s getting streetwear account, Hidden.NY, lots of attention. So much so, that Complex describes the grid as “the streetwear industry’s communal mood board.” In an interview with Complex, the anonymous curator of the Instagram account shares what sparked his love for streetwear at a young age, and how it is now opening doors to new business opportunities with Grailed and Vandy. Click here to read the full story.

Bourgeois? Moi? This Season Is Fashion’s Rich Girl Revenge

Looking like a million bucks is in style. From leather suiting and crisp tailoring, to wearing head-to-toe designers looks, the athleisure and streetwear trends are giving way to a more elegant and bourgeois fashion sense this fall. Town and Country examines how “rich girl revenge” came to be and how it may be connected to turbulent political times. Click here to read the article.