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Exploring Denim’s Role in Unlikely Places, From the WWE Ring to Craft Beer

Denim is more than a type of fabric—it’s a lifestyle. Jeans are a universal apparel item that carry with them certain connotations, depending on their style. They’re closely tied to everything from artwork, to pop culture, to entertainment—and even to the type of beer a person might drink. This week, Rivet compiled denim news that celebrates the fabric for all that it represents.

At Home with the Founder of Cult Denim Company B Sides

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and for Claire Lampert, co-founder of denim brand B Sides, much of that comes from her two-story farmhouse in upstate New York. She took The Wall Street Journal on a tour of her home in Manor Kill, where she often stays while creating a new denim collection—and it’s easy to see why. Get a virtual tour of her upstate getaway here.

John Cena Shares Reason Behind Wearing Denim Jorts As His In-Ring Gear

While other WWE stars are often seen in the ring in decorated underwear and knee-high boots, John Cena opts for more rugged attire. He explained to wrestling news site SE Scoops why he’s always seen in his signature denim shorts—and it’s largely because of denim’s unwavering durability and street cred. Learn more about his stage look here.

Are You a Ross or a Rachel? Well, That Depends on Your Jeans

As “Friends” fans mourn the show’s retirement from Netflix earlier this month, their nostalgia levels rise. Popsugar Fashion created a slideshow of “Friends” characters in their signature ‘90s denim looks, so fans can see which character they most relate to, style-wise. See which “Friends” star you are here.

Recipe: Denim Tux Blue Corn Lager

Chances are good that if you appreciate the fine art of denim, you also enjoy a good craft beer. We found a special craft beer recipe specifically tailored to denim heads. Named the Denim Tux Blue Corn Lager, this recipe from Bow & Arrow Brewing in Albuquerque, N.M., incorporates southwestern elements for a German-American pilsner with a twist. Make your own here.