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Lenzing Spotlights Female Entrepreneurs in New Podcast Series

A new five-part podcast spotlights innovative solutions led by women social entrepreneurs transforming the fashion industry for people and planet.

Blue Cast, Lenzing’s Carved in Blue podcast, and the Fashion Impact Fund have collaborated on a podcast series named “Solutionist” in honor of Women’s History Month. Each week for the month of March, Solutionist will spotlight women in the fashion and denim industry who are connecting their work to positive change.

Guests include: Miko Underwood, Oak & Acorn founder and chief creative director; Sarah Bellos, Stony Creek Colors founder; Lea d’Auriol, Oceanic Global founder; Sarah Ahmed, Warp + Weft founder and CEO; and Hilary Jochmans, founder of PoliticallyinFashion.

The podcast series follows Carved in Blue’s “Taking the temperature of the denim community” panel series featuring female denim specialists launched during the pandemic.

“As we discuss the theme of ‘providing healing, promoting hope,’ the five women in this series come from various aspects of the apparel industry with powerful determination and insight,” said Tricia Carey, Lenzing’s director of global business development. “Hearing their incredible stories brings a depth of passion to their work and the communities they support.”

The Fashion Impact Fund supports women entrepreneurs leading educational initiatives to accelerate the fashion industry’s transition to an equitable, inclusive and regenerative sector—qualities that are discussed in the podcast series.

“The Solutionist podcast series amplifies the leadership and representation of women entrepreneurs driving social, environmental and economic change in the fashion sector,” said Kerry Bannigan, Fashion Impact Fund executive director. “Each advancing progress with a variety of solutions that the industry, and wider, can learn from, implement towards effective participation in system change and join for collaborative sector engagement.”

Solutionist on Blue Cast by Tencel will be released on March 2 on itunes and Spotify.