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Tencel’s New Action-Oriented Campaign Promotes Smart Fashion Purchases

After a year that brought unprecedented change to the world, a key focus in 2021 has been to restore life to the way it should be, including the planet.

It’s a task that the Lenzing Group doesn’t take lightly, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. In February, Lenzing introduced Tencel Modal fibers with Indigo technology, an innovation that incorporates indigo pigment directly into Tencel-branded modal fibers in a one-step, spun-dyeing process that requires fewer natural resources than conventional indigo dyeing.

The innovation has already been awarded the EU Ecolabel, a designation of environmental excellence given to products meeting high environmental standards throughout their life cycle.

A new social media campaign from Tencel, however, reminds consumers of the large role they play in creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

Ahead of Earth Day on April 22, the cellulosic fiber producer launched #checkwhatsgood, an action-oriented campaign that brings attention to sustainable fashion. The campaign encourages consumers to join the “environmental responsible movement” by making smart choices when they shop for clothing online or in stores.

While sustainability remains a complex topic for brands to communicate to consumers, one of the main goals of the campaign is to help familiarize shoppers with the Tencel logo as a hallmark of conscious design. With numerous fashion brands to choose from, Lenzing stated that consumers have been looking for ways to identify brands that truly emphasize responsible production.

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Tencel will amplify this message through different social media activations, including Instagram filters, pop quizzes and engagements with influencers.

Ahead of Earth Day on April 22, the cellulosic fiber producer launched #checkwhatsgood, an action-oriented campaign that brings attention to sustainable fashion.
Tencel’s #checkwhatsgood campaign Courtesy

Sharing this message across social media was a strategic decision as consumers spend more time at home. For this same reason, Lenzing developed a weekly checklist for followers to champion sustainability from home.

Offline, Lenzing is supporting various Earth Month activations regionally. In the U.S. since 2019, Lenzing has supported the planting of more than 26,000 trees through a partnership with One Tree Planted, a charity that helps global reforestation efforts. To reaffirm Lenzing’s commitment, the Tencel brand will initiate the planting of 10,000 trees.

Lenzing is also partnering with Lindungi Hutan, an NGO from Indonesia that focuses on website crowdfunding for planting trees, reforestation and one of the platforms that aims to save Indonesia from deforestation. The partnership will feature a campaign to drive donation for tree-planting in Indonesia.

Given that consumer education is key to driving sustainability efforts, Lenzing will partner with Fashion Revolution Japan to conduct educational panel discussion and interactive workshops for consumers.

Lastly, Lenzing will join hands with DripbyDrip, an NGO from Germany committed to tackling water issues in the fashion and textile industry. DripbyDrip will introduce an educational program to showcase how high water consumption and subsequent waste can be in manufacturing garments and highlight ways to reduce one’s water footprint.