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Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh Sends Message of Optimism Amid COVID-19

Levi’s is remaining concerned—but optimistic—about COVID-19.

Like many fashion brands and retailers, the denim leader has temporarily closed its stores and corporate office, and issued statements to both customers and employees. In a letter to employees, Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) president and CEO Chip Bergh is encouraging them to find a silver lining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bergh addressed the health and economic impact of the virus to-date, as well as how it has affected his personal life, adding that “this experience will leave an indelible impact on all of us and our families.”

With a history that spans more than 167 years, Levi’s has persevered through a number of global and local challenges, including world wars, the Great Depression and the Spanish Flu, as well as earthquakes and fires that impacted the San Francisco-based company.

“I am an optimist at heart,” Bergh wrote. “One of the things motivating me through this difficult time is the idea that we can learn and adapt and adjust so we emerge stronger as a result of this test. (This is true on a personal level too, where I’m asking myself how can I become a better leader and better husband/father during this crisis and come out of this a better person.) This will pass. We will get through this together and be a better and stronger company as a result of it.”

The executive and Rivet 50 member went on to say that he will continue to make business decisions according to Levi’s values, adding that stores throughout the U.S. and Canada were closed down ahead of any government mandate to keep employees and customers safe.