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Denim Reads: Lululemon Tries on Streetwear; a Car Company Experiments with Sustainable Fashion

If New York Fashion Week has shown one thing, it’s that there’s a first time for everything. From Lululemon’s first streetwear experiment to a car company’s capsule collection with Zero + Maria, the industry is full of surprises. This week’s Denim Reads captures some of the most interesting ones.

Lululemon’s first new brand, 10 years in the making, is here

After seasons of denim and streetwear trying to mimic activewear, the tables are turning. Lululemon announced Lab, a new label that pushes the athleisure brand into high-end streetwear territory. Following 10 years of crafting and testing, Lab is now available online and in 45 stores around the world. Click here to read the article on Fast Company.

Elizabeth Warren, Fashion Muse?

New York Fashion Week looked different this year, with political influences driving the style. From simpler aesthetics to a subway station used as a venue, the typically elaborate display of status and style looked more at ease. The New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman explained more in her review of NYFW. Click here to read the full story.

Korean Motor Company, Hyundai, Debuts a Capsule Collection During NYFW.

New York Fashion Week isn’t just for fashion brands. Korean motor company Hyundai teamed with Zero + Maria Cornejo to debut their 15-piece capsule collection centered on sustainability. Named “Re:Style,” the collection sparks conversation about environmental issues and ethical consumption. Click here to learn more about the capsule.

I helped create a unique upcycling system—but it won’t solve fashion’s waste problem

Ronna Chao of Novetex Textiles recently launched an upcycling system that each day turns three tons of excess stock into yarn to create new fabric. But despite those numbers, it barely tackles 1 percent of the mill’s daily waste—and industry-wide ratios are much worse. She explained that real change can only happen when everyone commits to a total lifestyle change. Click here to read the entire story.