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Download Out of the Blue: The New Blueprint for Denim’s New Reality

Though we began 2020 claiming blue skies were ahead for the global jeanswear industry buoyed by throngs of consumers who wished to expand their denim wardrobe, the only thing that is certain now is uncertainty. But there are silver linings to be found. This unprecedented time has led to a greater appreciation for garments that are classic, durable and personal. “Buy less, buy better” is the new mantra, which arguably bodes better for the denim industry than any other apparel category.

As a beloved garment produced and worn by people on nearly every continent, and with investments being made to enhance quality while reducing its environmental footprint, jeans inherently have the blueprint for the post-pandemic fashion industry.

In Out of the Blue, a state-of-the-industry report sponsored by Informa and produced to time with its digital PROJECT show, Rivet presents a comprehensive outlook on the denim industry’s challenges and opportunities in the face of an ongoing pandemic.

Featuring the latest data about the apparel industry’s impact on the environment and the proactive steps the denim sector is taking to create a circular economy—as well as insight from leaders across the supply chain—the report reveals how the events that have unfollowed during 2020 serve as a wake-up call for positive change.

Download to learn:

  • 20 trends, cultural events and new consumer mindsets to watch
  • What clothing consumption could look like by the end of this decade
  • Denim brands’ latest sustainable concepts
  • How the industry is tackling textile waste in creative and profitable ways
  • How leaders at Boyish Jeans, Fidelity Denim, Mavi, Raleigh Denim, General Sportwear, Cone Denim and Naveena Denim Mills are pivoting their strategies for the remainder of the year

Click here to download Out of the Blue.