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Denim Reads: The Rise of Nonbinary Fashion and the Transformation From Influencer to Designer

When it comes to fashion in 2019, rules only exist to be broken. In this week’s Denim Reads, our favorite articles examine new dialogues around nonbinary fashion, what’s qualifies the title of “designer” and how fashion can double as a security blanket in troubling times.

Beyond Androgyny: Nonbinary Teenage Fashion

Gen Z is questioning the fashion rules established by the old guard. With young celebrities like Billie Eilish sporting unisex silhouettes from labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, The New York Times examines how androgynous fashion has shifted from being a hallmark of subcultures to being trendy in today’s teen and tween fashion markets. Click here to read the whole article.

German Label GmbH Makes Anti-Fascist Jeans

Can denim be armor? It’s one approach to denim design that GmbH’s co-founder Serhat Isik says the brand began to take starting with its Fall ’18 collection. In an interview with Interview, Isik shares how carpentry details, double-front zips and strategic paneling help the brand express its protective and utilitarian point-of-view. Click here to read the complete interview.

Meet the 7 Designers Making the Coolest Jeans to Wear Back to School This Fall

Deconstructed denim, jeans with fancy flourishes and knit denim are among the must-have back-to-school denim looks, according to Teen Vogue. Keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s cool with teens, the publication names a handful of denim brands that should be on the radar of teens (and retailers) this season. Hint: think expensive. Click here to view the list.

The Billionaire Who Backed Michael Kors Is Investing in Influencer Arielle Charnas

The definition of what constitutes a designer is up for debate as social media influencers nab lucrative “designer” deals with retailers. No influencer knows this better than Arielle Charnas (a.k.a Something Navy), who recently nabbed $10 million in funding from tycoon Silas Chou to start her own lifestyle brand. In an interview with Business of Fashion, Charnas shares the ups and downs of launching her own brand and how she hopes to change the negative perception some have about influencers. Click here to read the article.