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Orta, Crescent Bahuman, Transformers and More Take Home Blue Lenz Awards

Digital media is no longer a “nice to have” in the denim space. In its current hybrid state, the supply chain relies on videos for storytelling, transparency, inspiration and connecting with consumers.

Blue Lenz, the YouTube channel Lenzing launched in 2020 to serve as a hub for this content, recognized the best in film at the Blue Lenz Denim Video Awards on Wednesday at Bluezone in Munich. In its second year, the awards “shine the spotlight on the best and the brightest blue videos” and give credit to the people and teams behind the scenes, Lenzing said.

Transformers ED Series by Transformers Foundation, which made its Bluezone debut this week, won “Best Educational Video/Series” for the second year running. The series covers circularity, indigo, chemicals and more, and aims to correct misinformation in the denim market. 

Turkish denim mill Orta won “Best Denim Design/Collection” for its Blueskyer NFT video. The video is centered on an NFT Orta created to promote workwear made with 100 percent regenerative cotton.

“A Day in the Life” video by Indian denim mill Raymond UCO took home the award for “Best Sustainability—Connection to the UN SDGs.” The video follows a day in the life of a denim plant manager.  

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Pakistani denim company Artistic Milliners won the “Future Forward” award for its “Roots in Looms” video for World Circular Textiles Day. The video shares the story of traditional shuttle looms weaving sustainable fibers.

Naveena Denim Ltd. received an “Honorable Mention” for its video with denim consultant Salli Deighton. The video examines how sustainable denim production must consider all the elements, from fibers to finish.

Crescent Bahuman Limited was awarded with “Best Overall” video for its film showcasing its collaboration with denim consultant Miles Johnson. The vertical Pakistan mill worked with Johnson to develop a collection featuring blends of hemp, Tencel, Better Cotton and organic cotton. 

Blue Lenz Awards

The winning videos were selected by a panel of industry experts: Magherita Verlicchi, press officer at Menabo, Michelle Branch, founder of Markt & Twigs, Wouter Munnichs, founder of Long John Denim, Panos Sofianos, denim curator for Bluezone, and Kara Nicholas, former Cone Denim VP of design and marketing. 

Blue Lenz currently hosts more than 430 videos and has upwards of 1,000 followers. 

Previous Blue Lenz Award winners include Artistic Fabric Mills, Candiani Denim, Cone Denim, Denim Dudes and Tonello.