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Let’s Retire These Overused Denim Terms in 2019

The denim industry has its own insider jargon and most of us can agree that there often comes a time when certain words get overused to the point of no return.

Here’s a rundown of overused words we’d like to take a break from in 2019.


We get it—comfort is a big deal these days, but let’s be honest: the masses aren’t exactly running marathons or finishing ballgames in a pair of dungarees. Athleisure might be here to stay but we hope to hear much less of this buzzword that’s used to describe everything from sneakers and hoodies, to anything with an elastic waistband in the future. Honorable mentions: Live-In and Second Skin


Every last denim label is falling all over itself about its “heritage” status or boasting about how “authentic” it is. These terms have been bandied about to the point that they may have lost all meaning. Honorable mention: Authentic


It’s everyone’s favorite topic this days, and while efforts to decrease environmental harm and improve social welfare are to be commended, it’s hard not to wonder who’s guilty of “greenwashing” for the sake of an image boost. Honorable mention: Transparency and Circularity 

Fast Fashion

When you really think about it, isn’t fast fashion better known as the “new normal?” Consumers want fresh product delivered at a dizzying pace and it’s up to denim brands to meet those rapid-fire demands—or miss out on sales.

Slow Fashion

The yin to fast fashion’s yang, slow fashion has been used by some to create the impression of being “above the fray.”