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Denim Reads: Scott Morrison’s Tips for Washing Jeans and Vintage Denim Hits the Silver Screen

A how-to guide to washing raw jeans by 3×1 founder Scott Morrison himself and an out-of-the-box dating and denim event are among the fashion stories that caught Rivet’s eye this week.

‘Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood’ Costumes Include Vintage Denim and Lots of Man Jewelry

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio—and vintage denim—star in the highly anticipated Quentin Tarantino-helmed silver-screen picture “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.” The film’s costume designer Arianne Phillips sat down with Fashionista to discuss the movie’s late 1960s Hollywood looks, many of which were denim-heavy and inspired by the intersection of hippie culture and glamorous stardom. Click here to read the full Q&A.

How to Hand Wash Your Jeans

When it comes to washing raw jeans, everyone has an opinion. In an interview with Gear Patrol, 3×1 founder Scott Morrison offers his tips for washing raw jeans. “Raw denim is a commitment,” said Morrison. “It’s a commitment due to the fact that you won’t see the rewards of your investment for 9-12 months. But that being said, it’s impossible to match the beauty of a jean worn from raw. There’s just nothing quite like it.” Click here to learn the process.

Inside Hardeman’s Night of Ethical Speed-Dating and Denim

For many, finding true love is as rare as finding the perfect-fitting jeans. Paper follows how Dutch jean brand Hardeman tried to solve both problems by hosting an all-inclusive speed-dating experience called “A Day in the Feeld” in Los Angeles. Click here to read the full story.

Target Opens Up the Archives and Celebrates 20 Years of Designer Collaborations

When Target brought names like Alexander McQueen, Missoni and Isaac Mizrahi to the masses in the early aughts, the masses showed up. The big-box retailer aims to recapture that buzz by re-releasing some of the most memorable items from their designer collaborations this fall. Click here to read Refinary29’s trip down memory lane.